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How to choose the right partner for your next corporate publication

Representing your company to an investment community can be challenging. With a long list of internal stakeholders, your normal job to do, time pressures and quality control, the process can be very daunting.

Here are RIFLE MEDIA’s TOP 5 tips to help you through this challenging time:

  1. Project management. A necessity. If your usual graphic designer, who you love working with tells you they can help with your next annual report, make sure you trust their project management skills. Timelines, deliverables, stakeholder management, supplier management, quality control, capacity and availability all form a crucial part of the delicious pie we call corporate publishing.
  2. Trusted suppliers. Increasing the talent pool. If your wonderful IT team tell you they just bought a new camera so can help you take your Board portraits, you may like to exercise a little caution. Now that every phone has a camera with amazing filters, and Instagram tells you you’re a talented photographer, it is easy to be fooled. A good photographer will have a secret room full of amazing equipment, with a different lens for every occasion, lights for indoor and outdoor, reflectors to fill in shadows, a little station in their studio for hair and make-up, knowledge of where the sun is rising and setting, knowledge on the right body language for your Board, and experience in making people feel comfortable in front of a camera. Remember, an image lasts a lifetime, so make the investment and hire a professional to show what a professional job you do.
  3. Not all print is created equal. As we all move into the digital age, it is easy to forget that the journey of the printing press started over a century ago. In that time, the craft has been perfected in many forms. So with today’s technologies, there is a vast difference between good print and great print. Great print suits all of your needs. The right paper stock for you and the environment, the right weight to manage your Australia Post bill, the right cost to suit your budget, the right finish to portray your brand and the right message for your audience.
  4. Advances in technology. Make sure your partner has access to new technologies to help make your life simpler. Life is challenging, so daily wins are important. At RIFLE MEDIA, our daily win is our BOUNCE portal. This collaboration platform allows you to make changes directly to the artwork through a secure online portal using your web browser. BOUNCE streamlines the editing and review process and avoids the hand markup/scan/email and checking process, giving you more time for the stuff that counts. You can even do it from home, or on the Ferry!
  5. Market trends. Digital first reports. When one of our clients mentioned there were only two people on their register that required a hard copy Annual Report, this confirmed the time had well and truly arrived. Ensuring you are offering engaging solutions for your shareholders is a must. A digital first solution can be a great opportunity to engage in a very different medium to the conventional printed annual report.  Websites, microsites, interactive PDFs, e-Pubs are all great digital channels available to connect to your shareholders.

The RIFLE MEDIA team are experts in corporate publishing and help our clients along their journey every single day. If you are planning on reducing your stress this reporting season, get in contact with RIFLE MEDIA today to make sure you have all your bases covered.

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