Bingo Industries Limited Annual Report 2018

Bingo Annual Report 2018

Bingo came to RIFLE MEDIA with a challenge. How do we tell the story of a family run company, known for skip bins, with a passion for delivering Australia and its community into a waste-free future. RIFLE MEDIA develop an illustration style that was quirky, fun and accurate, highlighting the Bingo personality and vibrancy while telling the story of the circular economy. We injected this into the Annual Report to enhance the story-telling, enabling the company to visually share their vision with the investment community.
Our creative direction of the photography session created a striking cover image and an enviable staff portrait library. The Annual Report project was so successful, the Sustainability section was transformed into an A5 Mini Booklet that has had two print runs to date, further extending the life of the Annual Report beyond the initial release. Many of the graphic have been adopted by the corporate team to be included in their investor presentations throughout the year.

  • Design and typesetting 
  • Print management
  • Photography and art direction
  • Illustrations and infographics
Bingo Annual Report 2018