nib Annual Report suite 2019

nib Annual Report 2019

An eye-catching design that won the concept race

Normally, annual report design concepts are created during the lead up to reporting season. However, this fun design started its life the year before. A new design concept that resonated with the communications team and inspired them to consider how they could build the look into their annual strategy.

The design comes to life across multiple touchpoints including the half year announcement, invite and presentation, through to the Annual Report suite and the AGM event.

2019 saw the annual report suite expand even further to include the Shareholder Review, Financial Report, Corporate Governance Statement, Community Report, Tax Transparency Report, Notice of Meeting, Sustainability Report, culminating in the launch of the Annual Report suite, microsite and AGM and investor conference presentations. Many elements of RIFLE MEDIA’s designs are often used by other internal departments throughout the nib business.

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nib Notice of Meeting 2019
nib Corporate Governance Statement 2019
nib Tax Transparency Report 2019
nib Tax Transparency Report 2019